One Luxury Amazon River Cruise in Peru You Can’t Miss

Aria - Peru

Meet my latest obsession: Aqua Expeditions. With the Aria and the Aqua, they’re the first luxury cruises to sail along the Amazon. You’ll experience the Amazon River’s three powerful tributaries in modern sleek style: the Marañón, the Ucayali, and the Puinahua as well as several hidden black water lakes. Combine this cruise with a pre or post-cruise Peru tour of Machu Picchu, Lima and Cusco and you have the makings of an unforgettable Peru luxury vacation.

A Room Aboard the Aria Overlooking the Amazon

Here’s a little sample of what you’ll see and do:

  • Arrival to Iquitos, transfer to Dock and Check-in
  • Iguana Isles and Piranha Fishing
  • Dolphin, Birds and Monkey Expedition
  • Magdalena Village or Yanallpa Flooded Forest
  • Pink Dolphins; Macaws at Sunset
  • Amazon Source, Village / 3 Nighters Depart
  • Forest of Mirrors / 4 Nighters Arrive
  • Nature Excursion
  • Jungle Walk, Meet the People
  • All-day Primary Forest Excursion; or Morning Rainforest Walk
  • Afternoon Caiman Expeditions
  • Breakfast with Pink Dolphins
  • Fishing Trip
  • Iquitos City, Visit Manatee Rescue Center and Departure

3-7 day cruises along the Amazon from $2800-$6300

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