NYC Brings Another Re-Vamped Property to the Mix. Roger That.

Roger Hotel - NYC
Roger Hotel – NYC
We adore JRK Properties (they have the lovely Oceana in Santa Monica and one in Santa Barbara too). They hosted us awhile back and they were wonderful hosts. So, for those who like a good host and good NYC hotel, this June, they’re unveiling ‘Roger‘, a refreshed brand identity, with a fully updated food and beverage concept, as well as newly designed rooms and public spaces. In addition to the hotel’s convenient location in Murray Hill (my neck of the woods too!), President of JRK Hotel Group, John Flannigan, assembled New York’s sharpest hospitality minds including industry veterans Steven Kamali and notable designers Anna Busta and Annette Jaffe so it shouldn’t disappoint.  Working to rejuvenate the classic brand, the concept of the property is all about passing down from father to son. Inheriting the reigns to the hotel, the Roger’s son offers a modern freshness that seamlessly balances the historical nature of the property while providing a relaxed chic new perspective.
Look at that fancy room!
Look at that chic room!
The cavernous lobby is warmed with a rich palette of jewel tones across plush seating vignettes (yes, we love the word vignettes), repurposed brick (gotta love dem bricks), vintage photography, antique chandeliers, modern deco accents, and a luxe-rounded bar as the centerpiece. For the room,  Jaffe’s custom pieces are used in each of the 194 unique rooms to flawlessly complement their surroundings. The Roger experience is enhanced with a plethora of updated amenities, making each room a reinvention of the pied-à-terre.  A rich palette of deep navy runs throughout the room from elegant, lush suede headboards, geometric curtains, and welcoming armchairs. Wait, let’s go back to how much we love to say: pied-à-terre. It’s like we’re suddenly French when we say: “pied-à-terre.” Or, at the very least, the Countess LuAnn from Real Housewives of New York City.
@ $350/night

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