Sydney – An LGBT Mardi Gras Experience

Wave Your Equality Flag!
Wave Your Equality Flag!

In celebration and support of Marriage Equality and Civil Rights FOR ALL – regardless of gender, sexuality, color, creed, (or the religious institutions that attempt to use an omnipotent invisible power as an excuse to limit the rights of wonderful, loving human beings) – here is a brand spankin’ new post on Sydney, an LGBT Mardi Gras Experience by Max Kelerstein, social@Ogilvy’s Digital Strategist Extraordinaire and LGBT Travel Guru.

Kylie Minogue at Mardi Gras Sydney
Kylie Minogue at Mardi Gras Sydney

Ever thought about escaping winter’s bitter cold for some hot summer fun? If you answered with a resounding ‘yes’, like me, then you must consider going to Sydney’s Mardi Gras. Did I mention it’s all gay? I just came back from experiencing the gayest Mardi Gras celebration on earth and it all happens Down Under. This year, celebrated Australian artist and gay icon Kylie Minogue was the guest of honor – and although I’m not a huge fan – you can imagine how crazy Australians reacted at seeing her in the parade and ensuing parties. Previous years’ guests have included Rupert Everett, Margaret Cho, Adam Lambert, and Lily Tomlin, among others.

Just chillin in Sydney
Just chillin in Sydney

The celebrations last for about 2 weeks with a whole range of events including a film festival, concerts, cultural events, and must-see parties.  One of these was the Sydney Harbour Party, a 6-7 hour event on a beautiful venue that overlooks that stunning Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Then there’s the parade, similar to what a NY Pride parade would be. People from all over the world come to Sydney for this celebration, generating over A$30 million for the state’s economy. Not too shabby.

Besides the official Mardi Gras activities, the variety of gay bars and clubs around Oxford Street provided plenty of nightly entertainment. Midnight Shift, my favorite of the gay clubs there, had one of the best drag shows I have seen, featuring choreographed performances by three glamorous queens and two beautiful back up dancers. The beaches are also a must go and South Bondi Beach is the place to be seen, though for a more local crowd (and HOT surfers), follow the rocky path to Tamarama beach. Whether you get a tan at the beaches or you party the night away at one of the many parties and clubs, Sydney should be on your top list of places to visit for LGBT travel – just remember you need a visa (that’s very easy to get)… and plenty of sun block!

Max Kelerstein - LGBT Travel Correspondent
Max Kelerstein – LGBT Travel Correspondent

By Max Kelerstein

Twitter: @TheMaxK

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