An Idyllic Little Town in Norway…

Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

For those heading to Norway, we say check out Ålesund, a great weekend trip. Picturesque with great seafood, just make sure you head there when it isn’t the rainy season (unless you like that rainy Nordic vibe). If you visit Ålesund in early summer, you can take a round trip to the famous bird cliff on the island of Runde, where over 1/2 million birds nest every year. For Art Nouveau architecture and history, the Art Nouveau Centre in Ålesund commemorates some of the best. Ålesund is also adjacent to the Hjørund and Geiranger fjords. Ålesund is also the site of… hurrah… an annual Norwegian Food Festival. Also pretty cool: In Norway, you have the right to walk wherever you like in the forests, hills and mountains, as long as you shut gates, bring your garbage home and practice good manners. They call it “allemannsrett” and this means that you can hike and pitch your tent anywhere, as long as you stay clear of people’s homes and barns.

So, next time you’re traveling to Norway and looking for a great, quick weekend retreat… this city’s your girl (or strapping lad).

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A Weekend Trip in Norway

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