Honeymooning in Europe: 5 Destinations to Consider

vienna austria

Vienna, Austria

Whatever your yearnings — for the best travel experience, start with a list of what you want and expect for this trip. It can be intimidating when searching for the perfect honeymoon destination, but use resources like The Knot to help narrow your choices down. If you are searching for exotic, quaint, historic, romantic, or adventurous, Europe has it all.

Culture and Refinement – Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the perfect destination for newlyweds who seek a getaway into the romantic ambiance of Austria. This country exudes culture and history that will appease any visitor. For the music lovers, visit the famed Viennese Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) where couples can attend a performance or find events that will cater to their love of music. For the history buffs, discover and tour Hofburg Palace, which once housed Austria’s and most powerful rulers. Vienna is also ultra-modern. With safe, pedestrian-friendly streets, a booming nightlife, and delicious, aromatic coffee houses, Vienna is for everyone. Not matter what time of day, Vienna showcases delectable restaurants that fuses Italian, German, Balkan, and Hungarian traditions. Don’t forget to taste Vienna’s sumptuous cakes. None can resist this tempting array of confection!

venice italy

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy- Romance like no other

Neighboring Austria, along its southern border, lays the captivating beauty of the city built on water – Venice. A European honeymoon cannot be complete without being guided down the canals of Venice, in a gondola. Couples can listen to the sound of a single oar lapping gently through the water and bask in the history of this amazing city. Couples can visit the famed Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square). Located here are two towers on opposite ends of the square, St. Mark’s Campanile, the famous bell tower, and St Mark’s Torre Dell’Orologio, the clock tower. Both towers showcase Venice’s wealth and grandeur. After a tiring day of touring, shopping, and sightseeing, couples can feast on rich, mouthwatering dishes that are heavy on spices and sauces.



 Croatia – Juxtaposed between Central Europe and the Mediterranean

A secreted gem, Croatia has shimmering beaches that line the coast of this country on the Adriatic Sea. Also known as Dubrovnik, this beautiful country, hosts a stunning combination of glamour and ritz on the one hand, and quaint, remote fishing villages on the other. Stop by Pula Amphitheater, the only remaining Roman amphitheater architecturally well-preserved. During the summer, this is the venue for many performances including the Film Festival and concerts. Another place to explore is the water-logged sea cave, Blue Grotto. Here couples can appreciate the natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea, but also see the cave basked in a dazzling blue light illuminated from sunlight that comes through the cave’s ceiling. Dubrovnik beckons honeymoon couples to enjoy its old world charm – cobbled streets, monasteries, markets and pizzerias.

germany bavarian alps

Germany’s Bavarian Alps

Germany’s Bavarian Alps

Couples who enjoy adventure and with a passion for mountains, the Bavarian Alps offer a smorgasbord of outdoor activities. This European country will allow couples to paraglide, trek, hike, canoe, snow-board, or ski. After a long adventurous day, relax at one of the health spas and resorts that dot the slopes along the charming villages. Enjoy a brew from the world famous Bavarian beers at one of the amazing beer halls. For a more low-keyed adventure, couples can tour the area and take in the stunning views this mountainous landscape has to offer. This winter-land honeymoon is for anyone willing to take adventure to new heights with the variety of numerous outdoor activities available.

Say “Cheers” in Champagne, France

The wine-trail through this north-east region of France leads to the bubbly wine we all know as champagne. Couples can eat at famed and Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Parc for a romantic night out or tour the vineyards on an off-road adventure. Explore a chalk cave, deep underneath the ground, to discover the sparkling secrets of this wine we drink when we celebrate. This beautiful part of France is more than just “champagne country,” it hosts many entertainments to hold honeymooners captive.

champagne france

Champagne, France

A honeymoon destination to Europe is for everyone. Here’s to Europe!

About the Author:

McKayla “Kayla” Kimm works in the bridal industry and enjoys writing articles that are helpful to brides. She uses both her experience and knowledge to provide her clients with the best wedding and honeymoon destinations.

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