One High Powered Exec Quits Her Day Job To Start a Travel Company in India

india travel photos
Sippin’ coconut in India

For the past few years, travel has certainly been changing. Today’s discerning travelers, who have “been there done that,” want to go beyond the traditional sight-seeing trips. They’re looking for authentic travel experiences which are also life-enriching and experiential travel is slowly becoming the new buzz word in the tourism industry. Catering to this new breed of travelers are people like Maneesha Panicker of Silk Route Escapes. Maneesha quit her cushy job with the cosmetics giant, Estée Lauder in New York, to follow her passion for travel. We sure love a corporate escapee! In 2010, she founded Silk Route Escapes; an experiential travel company that offers bespoke travel packages through unexplored parts of India.

Maneesha, who has traveled extensively across India, helps travelers from across the globe see and experience new things in India. Travelers who put their travel plans in the hands of Maneesha could end up joining a gang of notorious poachers who have turned over a new leaf on an exhilarating trek to spot tigers in the rainforests of Kerala (tres cool), taking meditation lessons from monks at a monastery in Ladakh (get me somma that OM) or sip some of the finest Indian wines which have won praise from international wine experts at a vineyard in Maharashtra. All in all, she’s offering experiences that are truly unique and for those looking to do India in style… behind-the-scenes.

We’re in!

Sanjay Sivadas, our contributor, is a travel writer based in Bangalore, India. For more questions about traveling India, feel free to email him at:

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