One of My Favorite Shampoo and Conditioners Yet

Some of my loyal readers know should by now that I have curly hair that requires a lot of attention. Well, okay, maybe attention isn’t the right word. It’s more like… moisture. Mama needs moisture!

This is particularly true when I travel and even more so in the wintertime. But… just like there’s no universal foundation shade, there’s no universal hair product. From extremely porous to tightly curled, let’s just say that ethnic hair types present their own unique set of challenges, but the pain is worth the “You’ve got really cool hair” reward. Which is why I was over-the-moon about Philip Kingsley’s latest innovation, the new Moisture Extreme Shampoo and Moisture Extreme Conditioner, developed specifically to address the styling, processing and nourishment needs of ethnic textured hair, reducing breakage and protecting against friction. The great thing about this product is that my mom tried it too and, although she doesn’t have ethnic hair (in fact, she’s got baby fine slightly wavy hair), she fell in love with it too. It smells delicious and left my hair the softest it’s been in years without any greasy buildup.

Based on 55 years of Trichological expertise, these new formulations provide the perfect amount of hydration for hair like mine, which often suffers from low moisture content and elasticity shortcomings.  The formulations help lower the surface tension of hair and give extra surface glide, making it beneficial for chemically processed and synthetic hair, too, including extensions. Without stripping the natural oils from the hair, it uses mild cleaning agents while the Moisture Extreme Conditioner contains a combination of four naturally derived oils that work together to condition the hair from the cortex to the outer layer, including, Almond OilWheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil, and Babassu Oil.

I’m in haircare heaven, guys. I mean it. And yes, these bad boys come in handy travel sized packaging, as well.

Retails for $22-$27. 

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