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Triposo’s Events Near You Feature

Always on the hunt for the latest and greatest travel apps, we came across Triposo, built by a few ex-Googler’s. Triposo’s latest release delivers unique opportunities to see, hear, and taste the local culture near you. In essence, Triposo Events opens up the city to you suggesting things like art show openings, DJ dance parties, and theater productions. Triposo Hotels helps you find and book a last-minute place to stay without ever leaving the app and Triposo Food tells you about the local cuisine and where you can get it.

For the first time, people can upload photos and comments about their travels right into the app. For example, you may want to share a picture of the best pasta you ever ate in Sardinia or suggest other travelers to skip the lines for the headlining exhibit at the MoMA in NYC and, instead, see some other exhibit. They’ve also updated maps and added more depth to the phrasebook so have a look and let ’em know what you think!


Link to app: iOs and Android


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