Aerial7 Earphone Beanies? Yes!

Aerial7's Headphone Beanie!
Aerial7’s Headphone Beanie!

My ears are frizzzeeeezinnnn here in NYC. So, when I heard about AERIAL7, knitted headphone beanies, I said… “Dame! Dame!” (That’s Spanish for “Gimme! Gimme!”) Serving as the perfect winter accessory that are as functional as they are stylish, they’re a versatile, “wear with everything” accessory with built-in headphones to use with your iPod, mp3 player, smartphone or other mobile device. Yes, the Sound Disk Beanie keeps you entertained and digitally connected all day long.

But these aren’t your ordinary headphones. AERIAL7’s sound disk speakers – circular, on-ear headphones – are thin enough to fit inside the beanie’s special compartment and are also adjustable and removable, so they can be worn a ton of different ways based on your winter activity, whether it’s running morning errands in the cold, out on the powdery slopes, or even when you just want to channel your inner DJ/Rapper/Hipster.

The Sound Disk Beanie retails for $60 and comes in four styles and an array of colors so check these puppies out!

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