The Best Food Trucks in America 2013… Hurrah!

Maritnation Mobile Kim Chee Fried Rice

Marination Mobile’s Kim Chi Fried Rice – Seattle

The Daily Meal is back again with 101 Best Food Trucks in America 2013. The ranking, hugely popular last year, shows us that Los Angeles, once again, dominates the list as the best city for food trucks. With 16 food trucks to the city’s name, San Francisco and New York follow close behind with 11 and 10 trucks, respectively. Last year’s victor, Kogi BBQ  (Los Angeles), slipped to #2, while Red Hook Lobster Truck (NYC) grabbed this year’s #1 spot.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream – NYC

First, a few notes. Only trucks were considered. If it was a trailer, or a cart, if it needed something to pull, drag, push, or carry it, if it wasn’t on at least four wheels and didn’t have the ability to move on its own power from parking ticket to parking spot, it was omitted.

East Side King

East Side King – Austin

Also, this is a list of food trucks. While a few dessert trucks ranked, they were the exceptions. If you just make cupcakes or serve coffee, you’re not a food truck — you’re a cupcake truck, or a coffee truck. That doesn’t mean you’re bad people. Nobody disputes the challenges of creating innovative desserts for mobile distribution, but with rare exception it didn’t seem fair to include trucks serving shaved ice, slushies, and ice cream with those doing full savory menus.These factors eliminated quite a few contenders. Even so, it left at least a good 270 food trucks for consideration. These were judged on three criteria: critical review, social score, and originality.

Mas Tacos

Mas Tacos Por Favor – Nashville

They consulted popular review sites and tallied reviews and critical appraisal. They analyzed trucks’ number of Twitter followers and tallied visibility on Facebook. For originality, they examined menu innovation, concept, concept relative to inception (to wit, Asian tacos have become about as original as truffle oil fries, or a beet and goat cheese salad), and how that all might play into geography.

Although many trucks from their 2012 list are featured here, several of last year’s vendors have either closed or established brick-and-mortar locations. Eliminating them from the competition left significant room for newcomers. In fact, some of this year’s additions ranked highly enough to push out some of last year’s trucks that are still open.

Red Hook Lobster Truck

Red Hook Lobster Truck – NYC

Needless to say, despite everything we know about the country’s best trucks, this list helps us discover more — an impressive, growing legion of amazing people making some terrific food on trucks across America.


Red Hook Lobster Truck NYC


Kogi BBQ Los Angeles


Fojol Brothers Washington D.C.


Big Gay Ice Cream Truck NYC
5 The Lime Truck Orange County
6 East Side King Austin
7 Rickshaw Stop San Antonio

The Cinnamon Snail


Where Ya At Matt


Chef Shack


Schnitzel & Things


The Buttermilk Truck

Los Angeles

Wafels & Dinges


Grill ‘Em All

Los Angeles

Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese


Marination Mobile

17 Guerrilla Street Food St. Louis, MO
18 Bernie’s Burger Bus Houston
19 The Grilled Cheeserie Nashville
20 Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie San Francisco
21 Slidin’ Thru Las Vegas
22 The Grilled Cheese Truck Los Angeles
23 Country Boys/Martinez Taco NYC
24 KOi Fusion Portland
25 Fivetenburger Oakland
26 Fukuburger Truck Las Vegas
27 Korilla BBQ NYC
28 Only Burger Durham, NC
29 Sam’s ChowderMobile San Francisco
30 Mas Tacos Por Favor Nashville
31 Chairman Bao Bun Truck San Francisco
32 Basil Thyme Washington D.C.
33 GourMelt Reno
34 The Peached Tortilla Austin
35 The Eatsie Boys Houston
36 Oh My Gogi! BBQ Houston
37 El Camión Seattle
38 Vizzi Truck Los Angeles
39 Border Grill Los Angeles
40 Seoul Sausage Los Angeles
41 5411 Empanadas Chicago
42 Seabirds Orange County
43 Maximus/Minimus Seattle
44 Food Shark Marfa, Texas
45 Pepe Food Truck Washington D.C.
46 Crepes Bonaparte Anaheim
47 Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers Miami
48 Ms. Cheezious Fresh Made Grilled Cheese Miami
49 Sky’s Gourmet Tacos Los Angeles
50 Clover Food Truck Boston
51 Nom Nom Truck Los Angeles
52 LudoTruck Los Angeles
53 Hapa SF San Francisco
54 KoJa Kitchen San Francisco
55 Dusty Buns Fresno
56 Lobsta Truck Los Angeles
57 Riffs Fine Street Food Nashville
58 Spencer on the Go San Francisco
59 Dim Ssäm à gogo by Sakaya Kitchen Miami

Seoul Taco

St. Louis, MO

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito Truck

Los Angeles

Liba Falafel Truck

San Francisco

Baby’s Badass Burgers

Los Angeles
64 Taim Mobile NYC
65 Slap Yo Mama II Los Angeles
66 Red Hook Lobster Pound Washington D.C.
67 Scratch Food Truck Minneapolis
68 Latin Burger and Taco Miami
69 Le Truc San Francisco
70 Senor Sisig San Francisco
71 Komodo Truck Los Angeles
72 DC Slices Washington D.C.
73 India Jones Chow Truck Santa Monica
74 Devilicious San Diego
75 JapaCurry San Francisco
76 Streetza Milwaukee
77 Geechee Island Food Truck Charleston
78 Rito Loco Washington D.C.
79 Easy Slider Dallas
80 Cha Cha Chow St. Louis, MO
81 Lucky Old Souls Philadelphia
82 Souvlaki GR NYC
83 Quiero Arepas Denver
84 Vellee Deli Minneapolis
85 Roti Rolls Charleston
86 Bruno’s GastroTruck Smith Mountain Lake, VA
87 Hodge Podge Cleveland, OH
88 The People’s Pig Portland
89 Hey you Gon Eat or What Austin

Fist of Fusion

Los Angeles



Luke’s Lobster


The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck


La Cocinita

New Orleans
95 Rib Whip San Francisco
96 The Flying Stove Wichita, KS

Pizza Buds

98 Go Gyro Go St. Louis, MO
99 Manna From Heaven Denver

Coast 2 Coast LV

Las Vegas

Brown Bag Lunch Truck


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