Surfs Up in the Maldives

How's this for an over-water bungalow?
How’s this for an over water bungalow?

Surfs up, fellas! Hankering for a jaunt to the Maldives for respite from the muggy city summer? Here are some great ideas for what’s happening throughout the year, compliments of the always chic, Six Senses Laamu:

  • Surfing Season is from April through October, and with Six Senses Laamu being the only resort in this southern atoll, our surfers have the break to themselves most of the time. Daily morning and afternoon boat trips are organized to Yin Yang, an eight-foot right hander which breaks on the outer reef of the local island, Hithadhoo from the resort from April to October, with single surf passes available for US$69 per person, plus taxes.
  • Turtle Nesting and Hatching Season. From May to October, Olhuveli Island is a nesting ground for both Green and Hawksbill turtles. The female turtles return to the same beach on which they were born to lay their own eggs. The whole nesting and hatching procedure is carefully monitored to protect the females and the new youngsters.
Six Senses Laamu at Night
Six Senses Laamu at Night
  • Jaafai Experience: The cooking style of Maldives is highly influenced by both India and Sri Lanka. Gradually, rice and curries became an integral part of Maldivian food. Today, one can virtually find all kinds of food in the country. Maldivian cuisine gives you an opportunity to taste the different mouth-watering dishes with exotic flavors ranging from mild, spicy and hot to sweet. This summer, from June to October, they’re inviting guests to Hithadhoo to join a Maldivian family at their home for a few hours. Discover their lifestyle and cuisine. Listen to local stories about the past as well as learn about ingredients the Maldivians use in their kitchen. During your visit to the local island, you will also be accompanied by the sounds of Boduberu, the local drums and music. The all-inclusive price is US$220 per person, plus taxes, and departure from the resort is at 7pm.
  • Maldivian by the Sea: In July, Chef Nicholas Loubser and his brigade bring Maldivian flavors to the menu of Longitude, their overwater restaurant where you can tantalize your palate with the freshest and most delicious dishes. Maldivian by the Sea is yet another way to discover the cuisine of the Maldives, right at Six Senses Laamu. Dinners are limited to six tables so reservations are suggested, and dinner commences at 7pm. The price is US$125 per person, plus taxes.
Surfing the Maldives
Surfing the Maldives
  • Other Activities and Benefits: During May to October, many Aqua Season activities are complimentary or have significant savings
  • No Rush Hours are each evening between 6-7pm and 9:30-10:30pm at Chill bar, with resident DJ Garry Tee, our Sydney and Kuala Lumpur DJ who has created unique musical experience for events, clubs and restaurant audiences. The upcoming performances at Chill are focused on the gentler beats and sound that is complementing the overwhelming presence of beauty in both nature and design. The creative process of Garry Tee’s performances is made of personally selected tunes from the collection that spans almost 30 years.
  • Ice Cream: Enjoy delicious homemade ice cream from the Ice and Chocolate Studio, with the resort’s compliments. Savor more than forty flavors of ice cream and sorbets with a variety of toppings and sauces. 
And now for a little 'me time' at the spa
And now for a little ‘me time’ at the spa
  • Six Senses Spa: Creating awareness and enlightening guests, The Six Senses Spa at Laamu introduces additional wellness activities this summer. Six Senses Spa launches a variety of weekly workshops from Detox to De-Stress, Acupressure to Ashtanga as guests are guided through a variety to techniques and basic principles that they can implement during their stay or once they return home. Book a Six Senses Spa massage within 48-hours after arrival at the resort and enjoy an introductory 50% savings for a second person’s treatment; a perfect treat for your partner. 
  • Beach Cinema: A dream or reality? Should you like a little action or a classic movie, enjoy an unusual open-air cinema experience that takes place beneath a canopy of stars on the white sandy beach. The cinema bar is open during the film for those wishing to treat themselves with a glass of Champagne.

Click on the link for some of the best over water bungalows around!

Rates start at $788-$900 *but hey, it’s the Maldives and you’re going luxe so why mess around?

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