St. Lucia’s Naked Fisherman

The view from St. Lucia's Naked Fisherman

The view from St. Lucia’s Naked Fisherman

I bet you thought you’d see some twigs and berries, didn’t you? Well, this post will be PG (for now), but we’re talking about the restaurant at Cap Maison, the acclaimed five-star beachfront resort on the northwest shore of Saint Lucia, where it’s actually not unusual for local fishermen to dive from their boats in the traditional manner — stark naked. That was, of course, the inspiration for the resort’s new casual eatery, The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill. Set on sandy Smuggler’s Cove (also aptly named), the resort’s secluded beach, The Naked Fisherman is one of the few true beach eateries on this mountainous island with a rocky coastline. The Naked Fisherman was created by Cap Maison’s Executive Chef Craig Jones, the Welsh-born Rastafarian chef who’s a veteran of Europe’s Michelin-starred kitchens. Chef Jones has been at the helm of the resort’s Cliff at Cap restaurant since it opened in 2008, moonlights with the island’s first Pop Up dinners (an 18th century fort on Pigeon Island) and just did a two-night stint at Manhattan’s trendy City Grit culinary salon.

The Beach and View at Cap Maison

The Beach Shack View at Cap Maison

The Naked Fisherman is Chef Jones’ modern take on the classic Caribbean beach shack, with a soundtrack of crashing surf and vibrant Caribbean music, as well as a gentler price point than the white tablecloth Cliff at Cap. The look of the 36-seat Naked Fisherman is thatched-roof-Caribbean, the better to harmonize with its lush beach setting.  Chef Jones designed a grill-centric menu for both lunch and dinner, with an emphasis on barbecue and fresh seafood. Grilled island catch with pumpkin and coconut curry or grilled spiny lobster tail with italian rice are on offer, while carnivores can order sticky pulled baby back ribs or a grilled Wagyu burger. Drinks are very much on tap at The Naked Fisherman, including the signature – and potent — rum punch.


The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill is open from 12:30pm to 3pm for lunch and from 6:30pm to 10pm for dinner.

So, when heading to the islands, mon, make sure you check out the Naked Fisherman. You may even get an eyeful!

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