Getting There: Customizable Go Carts and Electric Cars are Calling

Moke America. Get Moke.

Winter is callinnnngggg. Good thing I live in Cali (and yes, I call it Cali and I’ve called it Cali since the 80s. I’m allowed). For everyone else outside of this great state, people are seeking sunshine elsewhere. With the kids remote learning, mom and dad working from home offices, and the thought of outdoor dining in 30 degree weather, thousands of families have opted for palm trees instead. And what do you need when you have the outdoors? Good outdoor amenities and toys, if you can afford them!

Hot Pink

During the pandemic, people have left the cities for more space. With this, has come an increase in sales for farmhouses outside the city, cabins, beach shacks, boats, and trailers. When looking at new rides and ways to live my own best shutin, but not shut outdoorsy life, I came across Moke America. The reinvented throwback cruisers are loved by the celeb lot like Kris Jenner, Joe Jonas, and Katherine McPhee because they have the space and like to enjoy hopping around using fun eco-friendly rides. Plug in your Moke America and you’ll get about 40 miles of fun. I’d call it a pimped out golf cart meets a mini (pared down) Bronco.

Baby Blue

Carbon free, steel and fiberglass chassis, four-wheel drivetrain, hydraulic steering, the modern touch of a backup camera, and a kickin’ sound system. The best part for the individual in all of us? Moke America is fully customizable with 11 rainbow bright colors, camo (yes, camo!!) and additional customizations for the bumper, grill, rollbar, rims, seats, and top. It’s good vibes all around so that families can enjoy the little things like taking a short drive around the neighborhood in warm weather to keep the staycation going every day.

Prices starting @$18,975

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