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Daily Rituals: Essential Oils Set

Eight Saints Skincare “Daily Rituals” set

Customize your vibes. Morning, noon, and night and tap into the power of essential oils. Just in time for the holidays Eight Saints Skincare drops their Daily Ritual Essential Oils Set ($79), three unique essential oils for three parts of your day or mood.

Eight Saints Skincare products are all derived from the chosen “eight saints” including highly effective and proven skincare ingredients. These ingredients can also be found in their new aromatherapy products, made to boost circulation, reduce headaches, soothe anxiety, and help to fade scars and stretch marks.

The set include three scents:

WOKE UP LIKE THIS – Energizing notes of geranium, French lavender, a punch of jasmine and uplifting ylang ylang are meant to jumpstart your day, evoking feelings of peace, well-being, and self-confidence. You don’t need to be a morning person to have a good morning. This blend is also good for boosting circulation and reducing headaches when applied to pulse points. The Chamomile can be especially beneficial in helping calm anxiety when flying and Geranium acts natural mosquito repellant.

ISSA VIBE– Sometimes a day can get away from you… You’re vibin’ and suddenly you hit a wave of anxiety, a wave of unsteadiness. Take a moment to soothe and comfort your psyche. This blend mixes sophisticated, sweet, and woodsy varieties like balsam and sandalwood that counteract stress and help ground your mood. Vibe out the rest of the day, you got this. Tip: Apply before happy hour, why not improve everyone’s mood? For centuries sandalwood blends have been the preferred choice for meditation. Roll on palms and work through ends of hair for added shine and restored moisture.

NIGHTY NIGHT – WE MADE IT! Unwind and settle into the chill zone. Blended with calming lavender, frankincense, and comforting chamomile, this blend encourages relaxation and sweet, sweet dreams.

Bonus: We love this aromatherapy blend for PMS and cramps. Apply directly to painful, achy joints. Massage onto feet hitting various reflexology points.

Directions: Apply to temples, wrists, and behind ears. Additionally, Roll-ons work well when applied to pulse points like inner elbows, sides of the neck, or backs of knees. Keep in mind, these are not perfumes, so they won’t be strong and, even for aromatherapy scents, they’re on the subtle side, but the notes work with with one another and I can’t resist a good ylang ylang.

Price: $79

Eight Saints Skincare

A Complete Skincare: For On-The-Go Women

We love discovering new skincare lines for women-on-the-go like us, so when we heard about A Complete, created by one of Latin America’s most recognized businesswomen and philanthropists, Angelica Fuentes, we were keen to find out more. Just launched on December 12th, the A Complete line focuses on just 5 multi-functional products for a fast paced lifestyle, based on cutting edge research of highly concentrated Mediterranean Diet-inspired formulations featuring botanical and marine origin, that work together for a complete twice-daily regimen.

Here they are. Just in time for the holidays too!

a complete skincare.jpg

Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser ($28) – a soap-free cleanser clarifies and brightens the skin with a non-irritating exfoliator that leaves skin looking brighter.

Facial Youth Moisturizing Cream ($48) -long-lasting facial moisturizer to progressively address fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin feeling hydrated. 

Highly Concentrated Youth Preserve Serum ($54) – an excellent moisturizer for dry, dehydrated skin to  restore luminosity.

Youth Preserve Eye Contouring Cream ($46) – this enhanced eye-care cream has special properties (including peptides) that help cover up dark circles for the woman-on-the-go.

Premium Beauty Concentrate for Skin ($34) – to enhance the products effectiveness, take care of your skin from the inside out.  A unique, beauty-enhancing formula that works together with the products to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring firmness to the skin and providing antioxidants for added nutritional support.

Youth Preserve Bundle ($190) – Kit of all five A Complete products.

Park Hyatt’s Healthy Living Menu

In a rush, but don’t want to down an omelette on the way to the airport?

Recognizing that Jaunty guests want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Park Hyatt hotels has teamed up with renowned Brazilian nutritionist, Patricia Teixeira, to combat the lack of quick healthy options with the launch of their Healthy Living menu. We think these drinks look great. We also think the Park Hyatt is underrated when it comes to service and quality.

Noted for her nutritional work with international sports figures in her native Brazil and abroad (David Beckham among them), and drawing on her background in physiology and sports biochemistry, Teixeira has developed a selection of smoothies and juices exclusively for Park Hyatt. Teixeira has crafted these fresh organic concoctions to target specific ailments that frequently plague the weary traveler, from immune system deficiencies to jet lag. The menu includes descriptions of ingredients and their specific health benefits, as well as recommendations on the best time of day to consume each selection.

The Healthy Living at Park Hyatt menu includes smoothies and juices such as:

GOOD ENERGY JUICE contains carrots, apples and spinach, which assist in balancing blood sugar levels and supporting digestion.

DIGESTION JUICE is prepared with high fiber fruits such as kiwi and pineapple, which make food travel slowly through the digestive tract, enhancing the absorption of important nutrients.

ANTI-JET LAG JUICE contains kale, which is effective for detoxification, and pumpkin seeds, which assist in producing the body’s sleep hormone – melatonin.

So we say, “Chug it! Chug it!”

Carry It On: Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Kit

I was sitting on the patio of my Four Seasons Koh Samui bungalow when my favorite Head of PR, Maria Kuhn, mentioned jet lag, the harshest of travel ailments (second, of course, to E. Coli and Montezuma’s Revenge).

While lapping up the fresh island breeze, Ms. Kuhn filled me in on a little travel secret…. Sodashi, an Australian line of products second to none in the realm of travel goodies. Combining Sodashi’s most refreshing and uplifting products to rejuvenate during extensive periods of travel, their Jet Lag Recovery Kit features convenient travel sizes of their top travel products including:

• 30ml Jet Lag Recovery Gel
• 50ml Jet Lag Recovery Mist
• 30ml Eye Lifting Gel
• 30ml Rehydrating Face & Neck Moisturiser
• 30ml Hand Rescue Cream

My favorites include the Jet Lag Recovery Gel, a cooling gel formulated to ‘uplift and revive the mind and body during long periods of travel.’ Applied to pulse points every three hours during travel, it strengthens mental clarity and awareness and helps the body’s digestion with key active ingredients including grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and ginger. The Jet Lag Recovery Mist, a fortifying mist, can be used regularly during and after travel to cool the skin and keep the mind and body feeling fresh when you’re about ready to fall over. One of the key active ingredients includes geranium which provides a balancing effect on the skin. All products are available online so stop dragging your feet and start feeling jet set fresh.

Stay tuned for the next two weeks where Jaunt will uncover the best off-the-radar picks for LA and Maui!