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Montenegro: Where They’re Going Next

Where are we going next?

No, we’re not asking you a question. We’re telling you where to go next. Go to:

Why? Because they’re going to Montenegro! You know the place, don’t you? It’s that small independent country bordered by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Looks something like this…

What! Why you’ve never been? See! Maybe you should go then.

Yes, “Where We’re Going Next?” is Jaunt’s new favorite travel tip. Greg Siegel, host at the helm of this chic and adventurous new group says, “We’re aimed at professionals who love to travel to cool new places with others who share a similar sense of style and fun – blending the amenities of high-end travel with the fun of discovering great, off-the-beaten-path destinations.”

For years, he passionately traveled with friends, seeking out new, adventurous places that none of them had ever been before. Finding cool properties to stay, networking with interesting locals, and figuring out ways to meet other like-minded travelers who shared their combined sense of adventure, style, and enthusiasm, was all part of his general plan.

“And even though we always figured it out eventually,” Siegel says, “It was inevitably a pain in the ass to plan and execute. We always wished there was someone who could help us put these trips together… someone who understood the kind of experience we wanted. Not going to Cabo surrounded by the spring break crowd, but also not going to some luxury resort where the other guests might be stiffs. Somewhere in between – combining a great sense of style without sacrificing fun. So I decided to create that kind of company.”

Jaunt says Siegel deserves a two-kiss Mafioso salute and a high-five.

Think of the ‘Where Are We Going Next’ crew as your advance travel team. They go out, find those great new spots in the world for you, then find perfect place to stay – either a large villa for everyone or a great boutique hotel that you can take over entirely so there are no random guests to ruin the good time. They’re also out there beforehand meeting the cool locals, often inviting them to join for dinners and cocktail parties so that you can immediately plug into what’s really going on. They’ll be there for you, hosting a great time. Anything you need, they’ve got it covered.

Or, as Greg’s friend, Elvin, just emailed to her friends: “Basically, he picks a cool up & coming location, gets a villa, scouts out the scene to find all the cool places, hires a chef for some awesome cuisine and then you and your friends go for a week of fun, parties, and inside local tips while he and his team host you at the villa. Seriously, why the hell didn’t I ever think of doing something like this??”

Jaunt says ditto. We’re glad somebody has.