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Paris: Your Nightlife Cheat Sheet

Ahh… Paris.

It’s one of those places where you simply need to know someone. So when a talent agent at CAA asked me what to do in Paris (at a moment’s notice, of course… he was already there), I needed to work fast. I thanked my lucky stars I knew Micaela Nevarez, Guest Guru/Resident Actress. She’s married to a sexy Frenchie and has been living in Paris for years.

Did I mention she’s gorgeous and talented?  Last year, she won the Best New Actress Goya (The Spanish Oscar) for her performance in Princesas. So straight from a hip hottie’s mouth, here’s your cheat sheet to Parisian nightlife.

A Hot Actress in Paris Says Go To:

Chai 33 33, Passage Saint-Emilion – 75012 – Paris 9

Pinxo (Paris)Rue d’Alger – 75001

La Maison Blanche (Paris) Paris15, Avenue Montaigne – 75008

Wa 8, Rue Coquillière – 75001 – Paris

Buddha Bar 8, Rue Boissy d’Anglas – 75008

Le Comptoir (Paris)37, Rue Berger – 75001

Barrio Latino (Paris)46-48, Rue du Fbg Saint-Antoine – 75012

Market (Paris)15, Avenue Matignon – 75008

Kong (Paris)1, Rue du Pont Neuf – 75001

Le Georges – au Centre G. Pompidou (Paris)19, Rue Beaubourg -75004

Publicis Drugstore (Paris)133, Avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008

La Gare (Paris) 19, Chaussée de la Muette – 75016

Mood 114 , Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008

Le Brebant 32, Boulevard Poissonnière, 75009

Still not satisfied? Here are a few more ideas from some locals.

Rival, Plaza, Georges V, the terrace of Francis…

Le Neo
A very hard door, but supposed to be hot.

23 Rue de Ponthieu

Baron – Thurs. Nights
Think ‘Parisian meat market.’

Murano Urban Resort
13 Boulevard du Temple 75003
A design hotel with a 20-yard bar dedicated to vodka… and beautiful people. So hip, it hurts.


An ice bar in the 18th, apparently, you pay by the half hour as you can’t stand the cold much longer than that.

Avenue George V
Really nice bar, good low lights, restaurant downstairs. Micaela says, “Completely fabulous.”

Renoma Cafe Gallery
32 Avenue George V (75008)
Tel : 01 47 20 46 19.

Fun nightclub

Le Café du Commerce
One of the oldest Traditional French bistros and the perfect spot for drinks.

Le Marais area
Lunch at Chez Janou (Rue des Tournelles), then walk to Place des Vosges for coffee and check out the art galleries. Great restaurants, good times.

Cafe Marly
Cool for a drink and people watching, as is Bar du Marche in St Germain at the corner of Rue de Buci and Rue de Seine.

In St Germain, you can also dine at Fish Boissonnerie. I’ve heard it’s quite good eats with a lovely selection of wines.

Don’t thank me now. Thank me when Pierre spies you at the bar and moves in two weeks later.

(I know… Pierre looked better last night)