Latest Fashion Find: Carla Sta Cruz Handbags

The Julia Tote in Black/Aqua

The Julia Tote in Black/Aqua

My latest fashion find from Carla Sta Cruz. Perfect for traveling in style.

Originally from Manila, Phillipines, Carla graduated from Parsons and is now a New Yorker but visits Manila every 3 months where she produces her collections.

Inspirations: Savage Beauty at the MET inspired a more cerebral approach to fashion design as art. Inspired by designer brands like Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Alexander McQueen, Carla brings edge to classic good looks.

Price: The Julia tote is $450

Travel (Jet) Set: LaLicious style

Finally, a super cute, great smelling travel-sized body care combo that’s perfect for an island retreat!

This set is the perfect gift for LaLicious travelers and fashionistas alike. Airplane approved sizes will get you through the security line in a jiffy and it includes:  2oz Whipped Soap, Sugar Soufflé Scrub, Body Butter, and Body Oil. We reckon it would last about 2-4 jaunts around the globe, depending on how long you’re gone.  Scents include all of the best for the islands (like Coconut and Island Guava, to name a few). We also think that little bag you see above can double as a little island handbag.  Oh, we likey.

Price: $36

Carry It On: Timbuk2’s Travel Ninja

So you wanna be a travel ninja? Ah, my son, well look no further. Hot on the horizon approaches Timbuk2’s brand-new Travel Collection. With innovative designs, it possesses the weapons any ninja demanding fast access to the gate and calm mindfulness through security demands. Even the slowest airport security time warp is no match for the advanced skills facilitated by:

* External laptop access
* Stealth pockets for fast access to boarding pass and passport
* Accessories designed to transition from in-bag to gray-bin to seat-back pocket with ease
* Colors that stand out on the luggage conveyor belt, but blend in like a local in town

Capacity and compartments are built with a one-bag strategy in mind to help spend less time at baggage check and more time checking out the scenery. Designed with speed in mind, The Checkpoint has a bike inspired custom chassis with removable skate wheels. The aesthetic of the Checkpoint is uniquely Timbuk2, standing out compared to legions of droid bags, yet built for stealth efficiency with the following features:

Removable skateboard wheels
Internal shoe pocket
Internal compression
Felt lined internal secret pockets
Outer Security checkpoint organizer pockets (w/ 1 quart bag)
An external, easy access ticket pocket
Available both in medium and large sizes

$250.00 – 22″ Checkpoint
$275.00 – 25″ Checkpoint

Now go, my fellow ninjas. And travel right.

Carry It On: Keen’s Recycled Travel Bags & Totes

Sing along with me…

“Rice, rice baby… do do do… do do do do…”

Jaunt Magazine is headquartered in the heart of Hollywood which invariably means, we love sushi and we really love rice.

It also means we love to recycle and, what better way to pay homage to our love of the all things green, wrapped in seaweed, and reminiscent of the hard labor it takes to toil in the rice fields than to carry a bag that takes a stylish, earth-friendly, and, more importantly, durable, approach to travel and shopping.

Say hello to KEEN’s Hybrid Transport Harvest collection, part of the environmentally-conscious shoe line turned bag and tote maunfacturer.

This large brown tote is a great companion to any summer destination, from the farmers market to the beach. The beauty of these recycled bags? Their individuality – no two are the same, although all feature the same construction thanks to the varied patterns of the material repurposed to make these totes. It features a cushioned shoulder strap handle, internal security pocket, interior pockets to stash small accessories, and interior water bottle pockets.

Materials: Recycled Rice Paper
Color: Brown Recycle

Back in the Fall of 2007, KEEN also launched Hybrid.STAND, an innovative program to promote sustainability through an online contest and campus outreach. KEEN gave $200,000 in grants to individuals and environmental organizations developing projects centered around sustainability. Providing high-quality products to an outdoor community while demonstrating the integrity and leadership of a company truly dedicated to social and environmental commitments, KEEN was also inspired by the 2005 Southeast Asian tsunami to redirect its advertising funds contributing more than $1.5 million to organizations such as the Conservation Alliance, Big City Mountaineers, Medicines Global, and other environmental and social nonprofits.

Talk about not leaving a carbon footprint.

This kind of forward-thinking caught our attention years ago, but it wasn’t until we spotted their Harvest line of recycled rice bags that we really began to realize that their design team is stepping it up a notch.

Call it a Backpack or a knapsack. Just don’t call it “garbage”. Rescued from a fate worse than landfill, this bag uses materials whose lifecycle might have otherwise been underestimated. A durable, formidable, 100% recycled bag for hauling everything you need, wherever it is you’re going. It features: water bottle pockets, an external lid pocket, and internal security pocket.

Materials: Recycled Rice Paper
Color: White Recycle

It goes without saying that when someone is sporting one of these bags it’s a sign that they’re Keenly aware of how to make a mark.

Carry It On: The Future is Lookin’ Bright

Well, I’ll be…
Just when I start to lose faith in my fellow man (even with all that Obama Hope Hype), he/she goes and does something really cool. So much for talk, this is action. It may be a prototype, but if the Nords continue to be as eco-awesome as they’ve been in the last five to ten years, I see the Photon stuffed in every stocking from London to Los Angeles. What’s the Photon? you ask. Just a portable solar panel strap attached to a handy bag that will power that battery-hungry iLife of yours, that’s what.

Intended for everyday and extreme mobile use, the solar strap is designed for – of all things – paddlers, and consists of a flat waterproof dry-bag, a mobile phone case and a shoulder strap. Solar cells have been placed in the strap to maximize their exposure to the sun so that you can use it to charge that pesky fifteen-minute strong cell battery.

Designed by Kari Sivonen, part of the architectural firm, Valvomo, out of Helsinki, this cool gadget was created for a traveling exhibition project called ‘SAUMA’ meaning ‘Seam’ [Design As Cultural Interface], featuring contemporary innovative design from Finland.

Fin-land. Fuck Yeah!
(Perhaps they should re-write the Team America theme song?)
Prototype made by Clothing+

Carry It On: It’s a Croc

It’s a sad, sad world when a girl can’t find a decent, durable, goes with everything, fits a laptop and a pair of shoes… beach bag or carry-on. Forget gaudy prints, leather, suede, big buckles, too much weight, and fabrics that ruin as soon as you step foot in monsoon rains off the coast of Singapore.

‘Cause that’s exactly what happened to me. I landed on a little island off the tip of Malaysia, searched the Takashimaya Mall for a memorable bag to bring home some booty with, knocked back a few Tu Tu Kueh (tiny cakes of flour stuffed with coconut and steamed to light sweet perfection), but I could not find the one thing I was actually looking for…

A well-made, well-priced, understated, yet clearly chic carry-on. So, before I headed back home to kiss my sweet Asia good-bye, I stumbled around Singapore’s impressive airport, had a shoulder massage to prepare for the 17 + hour trip home, and then ran smack dab into… the second love of my life…


With several new bags capable of fulfilling all of your travel needs, my two picks include the City Croc Tote (pictured here) perfect for the beach and The Lacoste Elegance Duffle (pictured above) perfect for carrying on.

The canvas duffle zips, fits a pair of shoes, a laptop, toiletries, some spare clothes AND it has a classic stripped pattern on the inside.

Croc a doodle do it.

Both at Macy’s
$475 / $140, respectively.

(now you really have no excuse for passing up a sexy weekend with that first love of your life)

Carry It On: The Titan X2

Oh man… I was supposed to wait to tell you guys about this one, but I can’t wait any longer.

A few days ago, I was pitched a piece of luggage called ‘THE TITAN.’ I think, “Ballsy name.” Then I see a photo and think, “Sexy good looks too?” And you know me. If it’s ballsy with sexy good looks, I’m gonna get me one!

Somewhere between Swiss Army sleek and Stefani chic… is the Titan X2.

But first, I want to know this: What’s up with all this great German luggage? Seems those engineering masters have the market covered. Well, works for them, works for me.

It says ‘Yellow’ on the website, but trust me, it’s Orange.
Those cooky Germans! Maybe they’re color blind.
What do I care? I’m about to make a statement.
The best part? It’s made of super light polycarbonate,
handles corners like a champ, comes with it’s own removable dob kit,
and has a “No Matter What” lifetime guarantee.

So, this is what you need to roll in style with me. I’d snatch up the X2 Flash International Carry-on and the Trolley, or the Red (or Pink) 360 series. The Xenon was also named “the best hardcase trolley” by German consumer magazines so you really can’t go wrong with any of ’em. I have the Orange aka. ‘Yellow’ International Carry-on and it’s cute as hell, but it may not be big enough for the likes of you.

Me? I know how to travel light.
(And I hate checking bags)

PS. Wouldn’t you know…
Stefani’s sporting a set in Green.

Hollaback Girl.

(I can’t believe I just said that)

Retails anywhere from $420-$725