Layla Revis, Founder

After traveling for over fifteen years in search of every hidden speakeasy from DUMBO to Krakow, living south of the equator, uncovering the perfect white vacation dress, hole-in-the-wall soccer clubs/dining halls, and hot-to-trot swanky restaurants, Jaunt Magazine’s goal is to bring travel junkies the best gear for high falootin’ free wheelin’ travel, unique suggestions both local and exotic, and secret little gems we spend hours, days, weeks, even months… looking for.

But it’s a big crazy world…

And sometimes, writing about luxury travel allows us to escape our lives, our problems, and the real tragedies going on in the world.  Our goal is to show our readers how to take ‘The Jaunt’ wisely so that we may fully appreciate the vast cultural, biological, and political landscapes around us.

Experience extravagance, but always break bread with the locals.

Give as much back to your environment as you take from it.

Instead of collecting more unnecessary items, concentrate on the goods and services that allow you to feel ‘just right’.

And last, but never least… travel light.

Welcome to The Jaunt Life.

Unique Travel for the Modern Adventurer (c)

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