Carry It On: Topas Gold

Gold. Grooved.
And anodized aluminum…
Rimowa Topas Gold,
I want you.

And little did I know,
Your partners are Porsche and Lufthansa.
As the leader in European luggage manufacturing,
Dieter Morszeck knows best,
“Handwerk meets Hightech.”


I may have to save up for that $1,000 carry-on,
but at least I’ll be “paying homage to the rich tradition of the 50’s.”

Africa: Heli-Fari Out

It’s the last refuge of the revolutionary.
At least that’s what I always say.

In this day and age, finding the right destination to fit your needs can be as elusive as finding ‘The One’. So before you throw caution to the wind and blindly take the travel plunge, look into luxury destination with a twist. Swim with sharks or charter a seaplane, just don’t say I didn’t recommend an African heli-fari.

Heli-Fari, Far Out: The Okavango Delta with Orient-Express

If you really want to take your safari to new heights, Orient-Express Safaris offers the path less ordinary with the heli-fari experience. Their three camps; Eagle Island Camp, Savute Elephant Camp and Khwai River Lodge – are all, without-a-doubt, extravagantly… eco-friendly. At Eagle Island Camp deep within Botswana’s Okavango Delta on the island of Xaxaba, you are surrounded by Illala Palms and a camp overlooking a lagoon fed by the Delta while you enjoy Champagne picnics, outdoor showers at Savute Elephant Camp or specialty cocktails at Eagle Island’s Fish Eagle Bar, a NY Times honoree for one of ‘the most romantic bars in the world.’

So save up, shut up, and get your safari on.

Sonoma: Wine & High Speed

I like to live life in the fast lane… but I also like to pay decent insurance premiums. Which is exactly why I’m the first one to take advantage of the latest and greatest amenity from The Lodge at Sonoma. WINE & RACING?!? Yep, you heard it here first. The Lodge at Sonoma announces its partnership with the Jim Russell Racing School, the pioneer in racing instruction, to offer guests the ultimate in excitement (and relaxation) with the “Speed & Spa” Package.

Offering an unforgettable experience for spa lovers and car aficionados, the package gives guests the chance to drive a formula race car during three thrilling days of course instruction at the world famous Infineon Raceway, followed by equally rejuvenating evenings at one of Wine Country’s finest resorts. After each day of adrenaline filled racing, return to the Lodge, relax in the natural mineral pools, and indulge in signature treatments at the Raindance spa.

Formula racing?
Artisanal wine country?
Five-star cuisine at Carneros Bistro?
Trips to nearby Viansa Winery to partake in a VIP wine tasting?

Sign me up!

For $4,795, it’s a little steep, but hey… memories ain’t cheap.

Jim Russell Racing School
1.800.733.0345, extension 21.

The Lodge at Sonoma
Reservations: 707.935.6600

Welcome To The Jaunt Life

After traveling for over fifteen years in search of every hidden speakeasy from DUMBO to Krakow, handsome men bred south of the equator or east of France, the perfect flowing white dress, random hole-in-the-wall soccer clubs/dining halls, and all those hot-to-trot swanky restaurants with lounge music and light finger foods fit for the scandalous demimondaine (or perfectly legit diva), I’m bringing sleek travel junkies the best gear for high falootin’ free wheelin’ living, the most unique travel suggestions both local and exotic, and all those secret little gems we often spend hours, days, weeks, even months… looking for.

I’m the Wikipedia of travel junkies with a certain taste for the refined, the ecological, the pampered, and the pleb.

So I’d like to personally welcome you to ‘The Jaunt Life,’ a place where you’ll find select leads for a proper life of clever and conscious adventure. A place where all your questions about what to do, where to go, how to do it, and what to wear (and gear), will be answered to the very best of our ability.

We’ve decided that you deserve it. After all, you’re here, aren’t you? Seeking it out in relative secrecy.

Want to find the best dim sum in China?
Or do you simply want to know what to wear in BA?

We’ll tell you.

Along with a fiction story or a poem (and maybe a few noble quotes from a Trappist monk), just know this:

You will eventually become a Jaunt Traveller.

Otherwise known as a ‘bon vivant misfit with a taste for well-tuned adventure and plenty of cultural savoir-faire.’

Otherwise known as ‘a real babe in search of all things sexy, sweet, saucy, relevant, and heart warming.’

Otherwise known as ‘you.’

Welcome to The Jaunt Life.

Unique Travel for the Modern Adventurer (c)

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