Last Minute Fall Getaways

Rajasthan, India

Looking for some last minute fall getaways? Who isn’t? If you’re anything like me, you’re a workaholic often being told by your colleagues to just ‘get some rest already!’ So, as it’s just around the corner, fall is the ideal time to discover the world, with many destinations around the globe featuring cooler temperatures, colorful panoramas, abundant wildlife and a kaleidoscope of festivals. India, already a vibrant country, explodes in a riot of colors in the fall, when many festivals take place, including Diwali and Pushkar Fair.

Budapest by Night

Budapest, Vienna and Prague are also beautiful during the Fall, along with Berlin, China, and Tanzania.  So, when Abercrombie & Kent sent us a list of their special fall journeys (with added discounts and deals), we wanted to spread the word so that you, too, could experience your dream destination at its best. Solo travellers take note: you can also save up to 96% on the single supplement on: Treasures of Northern India from Oct 7 and Nov 11 and Essence of India from Oct 13 and Nov 17. Remember, Abercrombie & Kent is high-end so you won’t be skimping. This is 5 star all the way with guides that are some of the best in the world. We’re talking life changing travels, baby, and you could use a shift in your continuum, right?


Though I tend to be more of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda traveller, as I get older and wiser I find that sometimes it’s just easier to have someone in the know do all the legwork for you. At Abercrombie & Kent, the nice thing is that you can also search for tour options like the following:

August through November departures are filling fast so click the link below to see last-minute destinations for fall travel, and reserve a fall getaway now!

Abercrombie & Kent Last Minute Fall Getaways

Prague, Czech Republic: The Buzz at The Four Seasons

How sweet it is! The buzz in the kitchen at Four Seasons Hotel Prague is starting to spread. In addition to the 27 (yes, 27!) talented cooks at Allegro, the Hotel’s Michelin-star Italian restaurant, there’s a rumour that 9.6 million specialty “chefs” have been recruited to make the food even sweeter. But these chefs don’t chop, sauté or bake. In fact, they’re bees — literally! — property of Allegro’s longtime saucier, Vladimir Milfait. Go Vlad. We love a unique twist on luxury.

During prime honey-producing months, he maintains 60 hives, each of them occupying up to 160,000 bees, because that’s what it takes to make the 500 kg that’ll keep the restaurant dripping in deliciously sweet honey for about a year.

Why so much liquid gold? Well, from pastries to meat marinades and sauces, honey is a key ingredient on the menu. What makes this stuff so special is variety: Vladimir’s workforce creates oak, pine, and linden tree honey, all of which differ in scent, colour and consistency. This allows the restaurant’s other chefs — vastly outnumbered by their bee counterparts — to select the right flavour for the right dish.

Four Seasons Hotel, Prague

Talk about a sweet retreat for you and your honey.