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Skin Remedies for Winter

Moon Juice, Rose Gold, and The Glow Up from Herb & Myth

I need juice. Juice for my face, juice for my body, juice for my soul! Come winter, I don’t know about you, but I need nourishment.

Enter: MOON JUICE, THE GLOW UP & ROSE GOLD from one of my favorite proprietors of organic skincare, Herb & Myth. Founded by Sarita Valdes, an ex-ballroom dancer/artist turned herbalist and aesthetician-in-training in Tacoma, Washington, this beauty line is one of the purest, best organic beauty brands on the market. I call it Farm-to-Face as she curates and collects herbs and essential oils from her vast connections at organic farms in the Pacific Northwest. She doesn’t believe in cutting corners, so things like her non-alcohol packed with essential oils organic mouthwash (which I swear by!) may not run cheap, but you’d be hard pressed to find a fresher, better tasting mouthwash on the market. I didn’t even care about mouthwash before trying hers. It wasn’t part of my repertoire. Until now.

Skin Food… because my skin is hungryyyyy

Her new serums plan to be my winter salvation alongside my staple organic moisturizer, Skin Food, which works beautifully on my sensitive, sometimes acne prone, skin. Everything is pure glow, pure non-comedogenic, pure Herb and Myth.


Smell Like Summer in the Middle of Winter

gardenia perfume

What can I say? In the dead of winter, all I can think about are islands. Any island will do, but I’m partial to scents you find in the Hawaiian islands. So, if I can’t jet off to Maui, the next best thing is to recreate my island goddess with some island escape scents. One of our favorites is Malie, a brand of scents which takes inspiration from Hawaii’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle. Offering all-natural organic, Hawaiian luxury spa and beauty products, they embody the magnificence of Hawaii and its tropical flora. So, if you’re looking to travel and want to bring the islands with you, looking for a gift for someone to lift their spirits, or simply want to smell like the islands when you need it most, below are some top picks for you this cold, cold winter.

Jet Set Gift Set – Enjoy a spa-worthy experience wherever your travels take you! The perfect gift for the girl on-the-go, this TSA-friendly set includes a 2.5 oz Malie Body Cream, Body Wash and perfumed Shampoo and Conditioner nestled in an easily transportable travel bag. Available in two signature Malie fragrances: Plumeria and Mango Nectar.

Island Ambiance Gift Set – Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or planning a staycation, this TSA-approved trio of Malie’s signature reed diffusers will turn your space into a fragrant tropical getaway. The set features three travel-sized, alcohol-free, pure perfume oil-based reed diffusers in three best-selling Malie fragrances: Plumeria, Koke’e and Pikake.

Eau de Parfum – Available in all six of Malie’s signature aroma collections, these fragrances channel the essence of paradise in every drop. Housed in a beautiful glass bottle, the organic aromas will softly linger throughout the day, leaving behind a subtle, alluring scent.

Perfumed Shampoo & Conditioner – Indulge in the “aloha spirit” with every hair toss. A nourishing blend of botanical ingredients leaves strands silky-soft, while the tropical aroma lingers in the most beautifully subtle fashion, ensuring you’ll turn heads when you walk by. Available in Plumeria and Mango Nectar.

Body Cream – Give dull, dehydrated skin the nourishment it needs with Malie Organics Body Cream. Skin is left soft, smooth, and naturally glowing. Available in five signature Malie scents.


A Fresh Finnish Food Festival

Fresh Finnish Food

We love the Slow Food Movement and we really love the Nordic region. All that smoked fish and dill… we’re in. So what’s better than having a bit of both? Slow Food, Travel, Finland… We’re just not sure it can get any better! To that end, local producers, upscale restaurateurs and food aficionados from all walks of life are getting together at Slow Food Festival in the village of Fiskars, Finland on October 1st – 2nd 2011. Only an hour’s journey from the Finnish capital Helsinki, up to 10,000 Slow Foodies are expected to attend this year’s fresh food fest!

First class fairly produced food can be tasted and experienced in numerous forms at Slow Food Festival. The eco-gastronomic market will feature products from organic farmers of sheep, beef and pork, as well as fishermen, food artisans and restaurateurs. Food-themed exhibitions, panel discussions, debates, photography and lectures are part of the programme. Cooking demonstrations and tastings are a given, and live animals will be on show.

Renowned Swedish food author Mats-Eric Nilsson and Ambassador of Nordic Food (What a great title!) Michael Björklund will be entertaining crowds, while German-born Christine Linder of Svartå Manor talks about hunting and preparing game (we’re game). Niko Tuominen, ex-chef at the famed restaurant Savoy in Helsinki, will also prepare tasty desserts from local berries and goat milk (among other delicacies). Yum, yummers. Look these blokes and birds up!

Transport from central Helsinki to Fiskars and back is arranged on both days of the festival.

A little bit about Fiskars village: Best known for the former Fiskars Bruk, an ironworks founded in 1646 that later developed into the Fiskars company, making quality design products ranging from kitchenware to gardening tools, today, the factory is a budding centre of Finnish art and design. So, in addition to being a place of residence for many artisans, artists and designers, the factory area is also a popular tourist destination.  Oh… and did we mention how much we love Finnish design? Clean, pure genius just runs in their blood.

A little bit about  Slow Food: A global non-profit organization founded to promote the production of quality food, local traditions and environmentally friendly agriculture, has more than 100, 000 members in 153 countries.

Slow Food Festival: http://bit.ly/qagMmZ

Fiskars village: http://www.fiskarsvillage.fi/en/

Slow Food Helsinki chapter: http://slowfoodhelsinki.com/; International: http://www.slowfood.com

Finland travel and tourism online:




A Flair Necessity: Pangea Organics

Pangea. How many bars, restaurants, and companies have promised you the world by taking this great concept and making it a reality? It’s certainly an honorable name for such an ambitious ideal. Deriving from the Greek, the word literally means ‘Entire Earth’ and is based on the super-continent that existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras (that’s about 250 million years ago), long before the continents split apart and shifted to become the earth we now know.

And what do we know?

Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Scrub ($33) by Pangea Organics, that’s what. It may sound like something good enough to eat with a side of brown rice, but that’s exactly why we covet it. These exotic organic products are earth-friendly right down to their Zero Waste bio-degradable box with, get this… basil seeds planted right inside! Yes, you can wiggle your green thumb with pride by simply slipping off the label, soaking the box in water, and planting it into the ground!

So scrub your porcelain cheeks knowing full well that you’re also able to directly have a hand in creating some much-needed oxygen in the world. Now listen up. They might be charging a bit more than your run-of-the-mill grocery store brands, but they’re certainly much cheaper than Chanel or Creme de la Mer.

If that’s not all, they’re developing the Pangea Institute, a non-profit dedicated to researching and teaching all aspects of sustainable living and business practices. An education center and ‘incubator for earth ideas,’ under the leadership of Civil Engineer Jon Previtali, they’ve invited architects, designers, visionaries, artists, students and amateurs to design a mixed-use community plan that will house the Pangea Institute, the Pangea Organics manufacturing facility and community housing.

Talk about Entire Earth.

Pssst… we also heart their Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom lip balm rich in vitamins, nutrients and a deliciously awesome scent. $13