Latest Fashion Find: Carla Sta Cruz Handbags

The Julia Tote in Black/Aqua

The Julia Tote in Black/Aqua

My latest fashion find from Carla Sta Cruz. Perfect for traveling in style.

Originally from Manila, Phillipines, Carla graduated from Parsons and is now a New Yorker but visits Manila every 3 months where she produces her collections.

Inspirations: Savage Beauty at the MET inspired a more cerebral approach to fashion design as art. Inspired by designer brands like Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Alexander McQueen, Carla brings edge to classic good looks.

Price: The Julia tote is $450

Live Large. Spend Small.

When we caught wind of a hot Stanford chick who launched a guide to living well on the cheap, we had to learn more. We’re all about living well on a shoestring. Sure, luxury is worth the spend. It provides jobs, feeds families, and bolsters local economies, but when you can live well and save… well, that’s what we’re all about, baby.

Enter: Broke Girl’s Guidea lifestyle digital and mobile media company targeting the modern day “it girl” aged 18-35 who is cutting edge and rich in taste, yet discerning about how she spends her money. For her, BGG serves as the hip and in-the-know friend who keeps her up-to-date on everything cheap and chic, delivering her the news via an email newsletter, website, social media sites and her smartphone/tablet.

BGG provides a daily local email newsletter that offers a “hip bite” of editorial information on fashion, dining out, style and local events, as well as curated round ups of deal sites (e.g. Gilt, HauteLook) and retailer sales (e.g., local West Hollywood boutique). In addition, BGG leverages its relationships with local and online retailers to offer exclusive deals to its subscriber base. For instance, there is currently a $1,000 giveaway to Gilt City that is being offered to new sign-ups. The website serves as an archive of newsletter content as well as includes additional cheap and chic musings. BGG will soon be launching a shopping channel with affiliates to allow its users to purchase goods that are highlighted on the site. And, since launching just two months ago, BGG has tripled its subscriber base.

Not too shabby…

CitySlips: Travel Ready, Foldable Ballet Flats

CitySlips: Foldable, Funk-tional Ballet Flats

They call them funk-tional and all I can say is… they saved my feet on Saturday night as I slipped off my new red Manolos and had to walk several blocks to find a cab in the city at 2am. CitySlips foldable ballet flats are the genius result of two NYU friends and students who knew the obvious.

Women want to save their beautiful toes in between torture, but we don’t want to sacrifice our shoulders or our backs by hauling big clunky tennis shoes with us everywhere.  As the story goes… Susie Levitt and Katie Shea were oh-so-familiar with the pain caused by pointy pumps and strappy stilettos. Their love/hate relationship with these fashion icons wasn’t helped by the fact that these petite powerhouses both stand no taller than 5’2”. One too many encounters with shoeless socialites and barefooted babes led to their AH HA moment… CitySlips was born.

These entrepreneurial sole-sisters came up with a concept and design that allowed women to carry back-up ballet flats comfortably, compactly, and conveniently. Juggling classroom term papers and corporate term sheets throughout their senior year of college, Susie and Katie enlisted the opinions of friends, the help of NYU professors, professionals and mentors. Nine months later (their baby, literally!), they now have a product that is travel ready, funk-tional, and affordable. Now, well-heeded women on-the-go can enjoy these fabulous sole savers. All I know is… they saved mine.

These foldable travel flats are the future. Plus, the little satchel the shoes come in also turns into a small tote to carry those Manolos home.

Retails $24.95

Rock the Bok

Reebok's Pop Mid

Take a gander at Reebok‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Not bad, eh? We think they’re uber-fun. We also love their customization (with their own iPhone app and everything). PS. It’s currently down, but set to be back up any day now. It was that wildly popular. In fact, more people  ordered customized Reebok’s through their app than they did through the Reebok website. Talk about Mobile Innovation Nation.

But back to the shoe. Why do we like it, you ask? Well, because it feels a bit more unique and retro for the female Gen X crowd who secretly loved the pink or white classic of the late eighties. This here is the Retro pop Mid, launched by Reebok with that hot little crossed belt strap as its main feature.

It is available in four colors: white/blue, white/lime, magenta/white and black/purple. The white/lime combo with light turquoise colored straps is pretty shnazzy. The second most popular combo is the contrasting magenta with gray straps. Reebok also released three more colors to the Elite Pack, including metallic and glossy accents.

Who knew we’d be saying (past 1989) that we wanna Rock the Bok? PS. Reebok, if you’re reading this and love that copy line as much as our staff, feel free to make me an offer (or hire me full time to market your fine line).

Cambodian Recycled Tire Sandals

Cambodian Recycled Tire Sandals

It’s summer and you know what that means?

Time to break out the sandals and take care of those crunked footies. Recently, our Editor-in-Chief’s husband came across a group of Mexicans in the mountains of the Sierra Madre that made huaraches (sandals) out of recycled tires. They also ran about 100 miles in them. So, we thought we’d show our loyal Jaunt Magazine readers another off-the-hook idea for those travelin’ twinklin’ toesies.

Old Ho’s Rubber Tire Sandals

First of all, we thought the name was fun. Second of all, they’re hand-made in Cambodia from old tires. The sandals are snug and comfortable, making great footwear for going to the beach or backcountry travel.

The History of Tire Sandals
Rubber tire sandals were used extensively by the Viet Minh and Viet Cong during the war in Vietnam from the late 1940’s until the fall of Saigon in 1979. In the face of equipment shortages the guerilla army of Vietnam turned to using old truck tires as footwear and quickly saw the advantages of the resulting sandals compared to boots. The climate of jungle-Southeast Asia is harsh. During the war many American infantrymen suffered from “trench-foot” or fungal infections (yikes!) which resulted from wearing boots in the humid climate. Many looked with envy to the sandals worn by the enemy. Tragically, this footwear is also widely associated with the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime which ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. Only the upper cadre of the Khmer Rouge wore these sandals and it was a sign of political power within the regime. They were seen as a good example of self-sufficiency and were very practical.

The sandals also have many benefits; they’re easy to clean, they stay snugly on your feet, they’re comfortable and they dry quickly.

Old Ho's Recycled Tire Sandals

Old Ho’s Rubber Tire Sandals are incredibly durable, as well, and it’s unlikely that you will damage the soles during normal use. They are, after all, made of truck tires! There is a possibility that the straps may loose elasticity after rugged use, but they’ll tell you how to replace them. Piece ‘a cake.

A Portion of the Profits Benefit HeritageWatch
HeritageWatch is an international Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to reducing the destruction of cultural heritage in Southeast Asia. The organisation is involved in a number of activities that are designed to raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and reduce the occurrence of looting. Granny’s Country Store purchases the sandals through Heritage Watch, helping to benefit their programs.

$30/pair. Since they’re unable to restock on the larger sizes, they’re closing out the remaining stock of small sandals. Feel free to send them back for a bigger or smaller size if the first pair doesn’t fit right, but get ’em while it’s still summer.